IT Support for Business

 What computer services might your business be lacking? The Tech House can help with basic computer repairs to your laptops, PCs, Macbooks, Apple desktop computers, and all the peripherals you need to work. When you need computer support, Call The Tech House 

 Server Support

Your server is the core of your business: Critical data protection, security and performance all affect your bottom line. What are you doing to keep it safe and maintained?

Hardware Installation & Upgrades

Computers and servers are lasting longer and longer these days, but the latest programs are still very demanding. Let us help you with your next upgrade!

Software Installation & Updates

Whether you need help with Microsoft Office, or an industry-specific application, we can help. Our years of experience gives us the unique ability to be able to support nearly any software you need help with.

Virus Removal

Even the most vigilant computer user occasionally has a run-in with a computer virus, whether it’s your laptop, PC or Apple computer. We can get it cleaned up, and help keep your important data safe and secure!

Network Services

Whether you’re a small business or have multiple office locations, networking is integral to your success. The Tech House can design and implement a network solution to fit your needs.

Printer Installation and Support

Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that causes the biggest headache and downtime—printers. Let us take care of it for you. We are your go to guys for printer installation and set up for local or network printers, wired or wireless, Windows or Mac.